8x800m today as I continue to focus on my four-mile race on Thanksgiving. I was looking at websites about good running form last night, and decided I need to focus on looking down the track, pushing off with my toes, and having a nice fast turnover of my legs today.

I also kept wondering, “why can’t I be faster?” What’s holding me back? I don’t usually push myself super hard at these track workouts. I’ve been so focused on marathon training for the last couple years that I think I’ve forgotten how much these need to hurt to really make progress. Most of you probably think of me primarily as a marathoner, but I spent years and years training for 5Ks and ran XC in high school. I know I’ve got the power in me. So today I also wanted to take it to the next level.

Here were the results:


An average split of 2:38.5 (~5:19 mi pace)! That blows away my fastest average for 6x800 (2:44 back in April). I was really feeling the burn in the last half. Huffing and puffing my way through each lap. Each step a struggle. The weather was perfect for this kind of workout, and I was beaming with pain and pride as I jogged back home.

  1. cmjhawk86 said: To boost speed do 12-16 x 200 really fast but with a generous recovery. To build fast twitch you have to let the fast twitch fibers recover between reps so they can fire hard again.
  2. ariavie said: Nice consistent splits! Have you tried 200s? Those really help with form and reviving your raw, top end speed.
  3. shortmom said: :-D You got magic legs, Lieutenant Dan!
  4. easybeinggreene said: so sweaty!
  5. mar-kicksass said: The look on your face is what I would look like if I looked down and had those results. LOL!
  6. tinkerbellrun said: Oh man! ~5:19?!?! Are you sure you weren’t actually flying? You’re a true running machine! I don’t think I can ever get my legs to move nearly as fast, ever. At least not without all my parts literally falling off of me. It’s physically impossible.
  7. straightarrowlife said: Beaming with pain and pride? AWESOME. Great damn job, my friend!
  8. karikeepsrunning said: Incredible!
  9. fromthebackofthepack said: You are like The Flash level of fast!
  10. runningwithpump said: 1. Holy shit. 2. You’re my hero. 3. You’ll be in the 4’s soon 4. Stupid boot.
  11. chelsearuns said: Those last burning laps are always the most gratifying.