Today should have been a 12-miler on the Hansons marathon plan. My knee is really starting to feel better, but I’m still playing it safe.

Here was my activity for the day:

  • 4+ hours in the sun timing a swim meet (same as yesterday)
  • 3x10 leg extensions (to fight my runner’s knee)
  • 1 hour on the elliptical
  • 30 mins on the bike
  • A whole lotta sweating
  • 10 mins ice (wrapped in a dish towel)
  1. tinkerbellrun said: I love to hear that your knee is getting better and that you’re being careful about it still. Better be patient and be able to run soon than go run too soon and mess it up. :) Looking forward for you to take the lead on my Nike+ again :)
  2. rachaelfightsback said: YOUR LEGS. impressive.
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