Still winging it here with the Soldier Field 10 a week from Saturday. I’m going to hit it hard this week to make sure I’m ready and then try to taper down to the race:

Tuesday 3x1600 @ 5K pace (5:30)
Wednesday crossfit + easy 4
Thursday 8 mile pace run (6:30)
Saturday long 13 @ Salt Creek
Sunday easy 6

Tuesday 6x800 @ 5K pace
Wednesday easy 8
Thursday easy 6
Saturday race

I’ve trained almost exclusively off the Hansons plan for the last 12 months. It’s weird not having that defined sheet of paper as a crutch. This week’s plan is certainly Hansons-like. I can’t help but fall into that rhythm now.

It’s been nice to dabble in different races and training paces. If I want an extra rest day, so be it. I’ll be obsessing over the Chicago Marathon soon enough. I need to enjoy this time to do something different. easybeinggreene summed it up pretty nicely yesterday. Thoughts in the back of my mind that I hadn’t been able to put into words.

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