Ten miles in 1:17?, 7:42 pace?

On the pod: The Nerdist podcast w/Steve Jones

Somehow the battery on my iPod ran out mid-run. If I don’t eject it properly from iTunes, sometimes it doesn’t shut down automatically. It was in my desk drawer for a couple days, and unfortunately I didn’t notice that it was low before I left the house this morning. So half my run was done in silence, which is fine. I just hate to not track the mileage.

Pretty crowded at the forest preserve. I think CARA and Team in Training were both out there doing their 18-mile runs for the Chicago Marathon. They were going the opposite direction of me most of the time. I’m one of those people that will wave to every runner that goes by. But someone was going by every 100 meters. I thought my left arm was going to fall off. And I didn’t get a lot of waves back. I was having a good time and smiling, but I saw a lot of frowny and sad faces out there…

  1. teamagee said: I always wave too, and am amazed at how many never acknowledge it. I even feel compelled to wave at cars for some reason. Any way for you to go back and figure your exact mileage using mapmyrun.com? That’s what I try to do when my Garmin dies.
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