Late 30s husband, father, programmer, and runner.
I don't always run marathons, but when I do, I prefer the Hansons marathon plan.


Tuesdays are my day to get up with the kids and get them ready for school. It’s an early wakeup, and by the time I get both on the bus and take the dog for a walk, my workout doesn’t start until 8:30ish. Today, it was pretty warm by then. My grey singlet is already a little tight, but it was like second skin pretty quickly.

This was the second “strength” workout of the Hansons plan. 4x2400m (~1.5mi) with 800m jog recovery. The target is 10 seconds under marathon pace, so 6:19/mi or ~9:25 per 2400.


I had to dodge the gym classes playing softball on the infield. One time a ball bounced right over my head. How rad would it have been to catch it in stride?

Official splits:

9:13.87  9:21.02  9:19.84  9:16.52

Two year comparison

Six steamy miles at the track and almost 12 total. That’s a lot for a Tuesday morning. And now I drip all over the driveway.

Six steamy miles at the track and almost 12 total. That’s a lot for a Tuesday morning. And now I drip all over the driveway.


It’s been a long day. Started with a 4:30 wakeup with a work emergency. I had to go straight in on the next train, so no run or crossfit like I planned. Ripples from the work issue preoccupied me most of the day until I caught a slightly early train out of the city. Exhausted and barely staying awake on the way home, hoping I don’t miss my stop.

The afternoon is humid in that pre-storm kind of way. I throw on my shoes and head out for a sticky 6. Legs starting to come alive after a full weekend of running. More interested in getting home as quickly as possible than recovering for tomorrow’s track workout. Showered, made dinner, and then went to pick up my son from soccer practice and attend a parent meeting.

Such is life. In the grand scheme of things, these are minor challenges. At church yesterday, the sermon focused on being thankful in all circumstances. Not necessarily that life is going to be peachy, but being grateful for what you have. They showed a video that stuck with me. A man praying that he’s struggling, to show him what he has to be thankful for. It then follows him through the next day and the countless ways he is blessed - a bed to sleep in, a car to drive to work, a healthy heart.

Likewise in running. Not every run will be great. Some will be painful. You might have to cut it short or skip it. For the most part, if you are a runner you’ve got a lot to be thankful for. Just being able to move and have the strength to put one foot in front of the other is a blessing.


Another humid morning, and I had to get my 10 miles in early so we could get to church at 9:00.

Not feeling great to start, but I shook off some of the fatigue at the halfway point and managed to finish strong.

I normally count my mileage Mon-Sun, but if you look at Sun-Sat this past week I hit 70 miles. That’s with no running on Wednesday, and 3.5 admittedly slower miles with my son.

These next few weeks I’ll have to be extra careful with stretching, recovery, diet, and sleep. I’m pushing my body pretty hard. Can’t afford to overdo it.


This was a hot & humid 18 miles. Had it been this way all summer, it probably would have been fine. But getting hit with this for the first time really makes it hard to deal. As usual, Waterfall Glen was covered by marathon training groups and high school cross country teams. I could see the pain on everyone’s faces and many shirts cast aside to try to beat the heat.

I’m supposed to do these long runs at 7:05 pace. I could tell about a quarter of the way in that I had to let any time goal go. My GPS was also short-changing me a lot because the posted markers were coming much sooner than my watch beeps. Maybe due to the humidity or foggy conditions? So I ran just to the 9 mile marker and turned around. I was at 1:05 then for a pretty good 7:13 average. The way back was a lot harder, especially when I had to climb the big hill. 1:08:45 on the return (7:38/mi).


Uh, hopefully things cool down again by next weekend. I was looking forward to a nice Labor Day for my half marathon.

PS - I’ve added 2 miles to all my weekend runs for anyone also following the Hansons plan for Chicago.

Typing Test English




I saw a job post that requires a typing speed of 70 words a min. I’m at 64 and having so much fun/frustration trying to raise it. 

Seriously. It’s been 30 min and i’m still going. 


You are better than 99.55% of all users”


110. This is what married tumblrs do on a Friday night.

krissyboar : Have you ever played Typing of the Dead?

108. Computer programmers unite!

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Brutal weather, but 18 on the books.

Happy just to survive today.

Brutal weather, but 18 on the books.

Happy just to survive today.


My penance for sleeping through my 5am alarm this morning was to run after work in horrid humidity at the height of rush hour. Man, am I spoiled from this cool summer. The whole way I kept trying to think cool thoughts - water slides, lemon popsicles, ice bucket challenge (which my kids did this afternoon), etc, etc.

Pretty surprised at the pace here. The extra few hours of rest must have done me good. I took my son out for 1.5 more when I got back. I thought it was too hot, but we went a little less than normal and finished up in 15:30. An encouraging pace with good attitude.

Now I’m fueling up with pizza and trying to get a good night’s sleep before cranking out 18 more in the morning. Hopefully the forest preserve isn’t flooded over!


With a crack of sunlight on the horizon and a thunderstorm that had just passed over, I headed out this morning hoping I had a big enough window to get in my 8-mile tempo run. The thunder and lightning was far enough away that I wasn’t worried. I really didn’t want to do this on the treadmill at the gym.

For the first half, the air was thick with moisture but the rain held off. In the second half, the rain slowly came back until I was in a downpour for the last two miles. Holding a baseball cap in my hand that was too hot to wear was getting annoying until it saved me from not being able to see at the end. It also granted me some anonymity from all the stares of people in their cars wondering what the heck I was doing out there.

So a little slower than I’ve been doing, but still close enough to the 6:29/mi target. Considering all the water on the street and the increased effort to breathe, I thought this was fine. This is probably the most consistent pacing I’ve had on one of these so far.

My wife had just left in her car to come look for me when I came jogging into the neighborhood. “You’re crazy”. Shrug. Probably.

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